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Eva talked to Deana Kartzagkouli about her work on materials, about Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and about society's needs for clean energy. They also discussed about Eva's passion for diversity and inclusion in STEM and the need to inform the younger generations about research and science.  (Link to the interview in Greek)

Eva Zarkadoula received a Director’s Award in Outstanding Individual Accomplishment in Mission Support, after being selected for the “One ORNL Award” for her work as president of the Women’s Alliance Council Employee Resource Group and other service to ORNL.

Interview: "We need to encourage everyone to follow fields that they love and especially encourage those whose dreams and desires are impeded by stereotypes. Regarding women in STEM, multiple studies have shown that diversity benefits research and innovation."

Greek Women in STEM Profile: "It is clear that our future depends on clean energy, such as solar, wind and nuclear energy. Fusion power is a safe, clean energy form of nuclear power. Fusion in nature exists in stars, like our Sun, in extremely high temperatures."

HISTORY MAKER: "As a young student, I was immediately fascinated by how physics explains the world around us, and I still am. I like understanding how things work, and I like solving problems – a science career offers opportunities to do both."

News Release: "With theory and experiment, we improved our understanding of how damage is induced in sensors inside a nuclear reactor and how irradiation affects the piezoelectric properties,” said ORNL’s Eva Zarkadoula, who led the study.

News Release: "With molecular dynamics simulations, ORNL's Eva Zarkadoula showed clusters of selenium atoms collide with the monolayer at different energies and either bounce off it, crash through it or implant in it — consistent with the experimental results."

"The EFRC (Energy Frontier Research Centers) culture of networking gave me unique opportunities to develop leadership and communication skills and connect and work with members at other EFRCs." 

How do you make better materials for nuclear reactors? What makes materials work well even after being exposed to radiation? How can we control the materials’ behavior to make it last longer?

Feature: To address gender obstacles on a broad level, Eva Zarkadoula encourages workplace discussions to correct biases on historically and unnecessarily associating certain careers with a specific gender.

Feature: Using feedback from simulations, modeling can actually offer guidance in the design of experiments, with benefits in time management and financial planning.

"Your story matters"

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Women’s Alliance Council offers this compilation of personal and professional stories that matter.

ORNL Values - Eva Zarkadoula, Materials Science

Eva is a researcher in the Materials Science and Technology Division, president of the Women’s Alliance Council, and a member of the Culture Transformation Task Force that recommended articulation of ORNL’s core values.

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Women's Leadership Workshop 2019

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